Dravida Brahmana

Oh!! what a book it is !!. This book unravels all the secrets of Thraitha Yugam and realities about RavanaBrahma, Hanuman,Jambavantudu etc. have been explained. Also,how the history got distorted and who are the people behind this have been explained.

Mystery of Bermuda triangle

This book gives complete information of Bermuda Triangle, Crop Circles, Flying saucers, Aliens, Tsunami, Earth quakes and Man without food for decades and also the reason behind them and all these mysteries are explained.


This book explains what is Yagnam. There are only two types of Yagnam. One is Dravya Yagnam and another one is Gnana Yagnam. How the Yagnam has come into existence is nicely explained in this book.